IMJ (International Medical Journal)
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Psychosomatic Medicine in Asia: Past, Present and Future: A Review

Amarendra N. Singh


A Descriptive Study on Quality of Life among Adolescents with Beta-Thalassemia Major in the Maldives

Mansoor S. et al.


Simple and Sensitive Method to Determine the Presence of MYD88 L265P on Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia and IgM MGUS

Mella F. et al.


Treatment Retention of Risperidone Long-Acting Injection in Elderly Patients with Schizophrenia for 5 Years

Suzuki H. et al.

Isolated Cerebellar Stroke Masquerades as Depression

Othman Z. et al.

Maintenance Electroconvulsive Therapy Augmentation on Clozapine-Resistant Psychosis with Neurosyphilis

Othman Z. et al.


Pre-Treatment with Reserpine Does Not Shorten the Duration of N-Methyl-N'-Nitro-N-Nitrosoguanidine (MNNG)-Induced Stomach Adenocarcinoma in Female Sprague-Dawley Rats

Isyraqiah Faizatul A. M. et al.


Main Medical Illness, Oral Health Complaints and Treatment in Elderly Patients Attending Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) Dental Clinic

Sinor M. Z. et al.


A Comparative Study on Problem Based Learning Tutoring Process in the Promotion of Generic Skills in Future Medical Professionals: Student Perceptions

Salam A.


Determination of Maximum Volume of Liquid-Drug Containable by Facial Keloid Lesion during Intralesional Injection

Aluko-Olokun B. et al.


Overview of Age-Related Morphological Changes in the Fovea Capitis

Singsuwan P. et al.


Recurrent Otitis Media in Achondroplasia: Lessons to Learn

Ameen S. A. et al.


Cleft Palate Repair: Assessment of Effectiveness of the Olaitan Three-Two-One Knot Following Failure of Surgeon's Knot

Aluko-Olokun B. et al.


The Academic and Scholastic Profiles of the Fellows of the American Physical Therapy Association

Balogun J. A. et al.


Histomorphometry Based Age Estimation at Death Using Femur Bone: A Narrative Review

Chompoophuen H. et al.


Agenesis of Third Molar Tooth Germs in Relationship with ABO Blood Group in Orthodontic Patients

Alam M. K. et al.


A Sudden Death after the Complaint of Constipation - Not to Overlook Paediatric Acute Haemorrhagic Pancreatitis

Swarhib M. S. et al.

Physical Activity Practices among Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Cancer Treatments in Association with Selected Socio-Demographic Data

Ismail N. I. et al.

Effect of High Fat Diet on the Expression of Tight Junction Proteins Claudin-3 and Occludin in the Follicle Associated Epithelium of the Peyer's Patches of Rats

Abidin A. A. Z. et al.

Flexor Digitorum Accessorius Brevis Muscle: A Unique Anomalous Variation of Quadratus Plantae

Verma V. et al.

Effect of Different Fruit Juices on the Level of Salivary pH at Different Time Periods in the Caries Free Dental Students

Saleh H. A. J. et al.

The Ice Water Caloric Irrigation (IWCI) in Anaesthetised and Non-Anaesthetised External Auditory Canal (EAC): A Preliminary Study

Abdul Wahat N. H. et al.